Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Artist Of The Week

I'm back! Thanks for bearing with me while I got my stuff together. The school year is in full swing and Josh and I are so enjoying it. He is now counseling at a middle school closer to mine (which I love!) and is having so much fun. I have so loved getting to see my students again and some high schoolers who have stopped by to say hello (being a teacher sometimes makes you feel like a celebrity, especially when your kids haven't seen you in a while).

The next couple of days I will be sharing some new stuff I have been doing this year, starting with the Artist of the Week ( I will restart Teacher Outfit Tuesday next week).

I wanted to reward the students who worked hard and were kind, and nudge the kids who struggle a little bit with classroom behavior, without nagging them.

I went to Resource Warehouse ( I live there) and snagged a marching band trophy for one dollar, SCORE!

I spray painted the whole thing gold and then covered part of the trophy with aluminum foil so I could spray paint the inside circle white without getting spraying the top half of the trophy white. The aluminum foil works great if you are using spray paint because you are able to mold it around the figure.

 I used gorilla glue, a bulk bag of fake rhinestones  and acrylic paint to finish up the Artist of the Week trophy.

Each week I will pick a student, based on behavior or work in the classroom to be the Artist of the Week. Their picture will go on the wall, the trophy on their desk for the week and student will get to pick their seat for the remainder of the week that they reign.

How is your classroom management going? Any neat tricks or tips that work for you?

Happy Tuesday!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Artist Guild: Non Related Blog Photos

It's that time again for another Artist Guild post, Samantha is hosting this amazing community of like minded creative people. If you want to join click here!

Josh and I have spent A LOT of time hiking this summer, and we even took our dog Monkey on our last one. It is one of our favorite things to do together, it's free, it's a great workout and it gives us time to connect with each other while disconnecting from the tech part of our life.

These are some pictures from our last hike up South Mountain, about a half an hour from our house. We thought it was going to be an easy hike (it was only two miles) and we even thought about doing a little extra up another trail when we were through. That was before we hiked about half the hike up stairs.... man we were exhausted.

We literally had to lay on the deck near the waterfall to get this family selfie, Monks refused to sit up so we all had to lay down!

What have you been doing this summer?

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Mini Blog Vacation

Hi Friends! I am taking a mini blog vacation this week and next. We are starting school amongst a bunch of other things. I will be popping by on Thursday for my Artist Guild post. I hope you have an amazing week! XO, LKC


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