Monday, February 8, 2016

Goings On As of Late

Wow, January has come and gone and we are fully into February now. Crazy. I have a whole new crop of kids this semester and am so enjoying a more organized classroom.

When I first started student teaching, I interned with an older teacher and she had her classroom organized down to the minute. It was impressive, she even had a student job who would let her know when five minutes were left in class. Yeah, I am still not that organized but I did gain a lot of insight from her.

One thing I stole, borrowed from her was her daily bell work and changed it up a bit to meet my needs. Art history and art vocabulary is something I struggle with incorporating naturally into my curriculum. When students come into my classroom, they have a daily question on the board pertaining to an artwork that we look at for the whole week (this week we are looking at Poppies at the Tower of London) ranging from vocabulary, to more thought provoking open ended questions. Not only does this get the kids ready to learn, but it also gives me time to greet each student at the door rather than worry about them being off task when they walk in. Students know what is expected of them and they definitely rise to the occasion. This semester we have also looked at Yayoi Kusama and Kehinde Wiley, Incorporating artists of today gets students excited about art happening around the world.

Last semester, I got busy at the beginning of the year and didn't follow through with bellwork, this led to an unorganized entrance to art, and it bad beginning to the start of our class hour. I made sure to restart this again this semester and it has worked really well.

Unrelated, here are some art history paper mache letters that my seventh grade students made last semester that turned out extremely well.

 My class this semester has been jumping into the Google Classroom world and I love it! What about you, what new things are you doing with your classroom this year?


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All The Buildings Of The World

Back when I was student teaching, I did a project based on the artist James Gulliver Hancock who was drawing all the buildings in New York.

Since a lot of my students don't get the opportunity to travel very much I thought it would be neat to revive this project for my fifth graders this year.

Materials you will need:
Kitchen Tiles (I bought these at Home Depot for 16 cents a piece)
Permanent Marker ( I had students draw first with pencil, then outline their image with a thin black sharpie and then use color... it does smear if it doesn't dry all the way)
Low Temp Glue Gun
Fabric Ribbon

Using a low temp glue gun I helped students glue their ribbon on the back. We will display some of these at the district office and other on the bulletin board out in the front of our school. 

I made sure to let students know that they needed to fill the entire tile with color, we talked about the horizon line and coloring in one direction.

This project is very easily modified for students with special needs. I worked with one of my students on drawing an image (the Sydney Opera House) and she colored it with the markers of her choosing.

I also added a literary component to this project by having students research interesting facts about their buildings. It was super fun hearing them talk to each other and me about everything they learned.

Fifth graders finish projects really quickly (or at least mine do) and most of the time we were working in the computer lab so many of my students were able to use their knowledge of Pixlr from a previous project and create new images (like adding sun glasses to the Statue of Liberty or a monkey to the top of the Eiffel Tower)...It was a great way to blend two projects and kept those that were finished entertained.

What are some successful project that you have done with fifth graders?

Monday, December 7, 2015

Eighth Grade Paper Mache Taxidermy Heads

Eighth grade has just finished up their taxidermy animal heads. We started with a newspaper armature and then added three layers of newsprint and one layer of paper towels before painting.

 I think they turned out fantastic! Next time I would have my students rinse out the paper mache bowls daily... It ended up rotting and smelling up the room, yuck!!

Excited to see what my eighth graders come up with next!



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