Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Etsy Swap 2014

My favorite thing about Blogging is the community and swapping snail mail packages with new friends is the best. If you haven't done one before be sure to be on the lookout for Elah Tree and Oak and Oats Christmas swap, it is sure to be a blast! Meg and Amy did an awesome job with the Etsy Swap, and I am so excited to get mine in the mail soon!

Krista over at Eitsart was my secret mission to buy for and I loved getting to know her through her blog. I especially love how she breaks down monthly goals (which is such a great idea for me, who finds is hard to stay focused on yearly goals).

Here are some of the goodies I got for Krista, including a watercolor print I painted and some earrings from my shop.

    But the coolest thing about this swap was that Krista had one of my friend's coasters on her wish list, a friend I hadn't talked to in years and we were able to reconnect, so so awesome!I love love love how God works like that. So of course I had to get the coasters for Krista! She also had this adorable pencil pouch on her etsy wish list so I grabbed that as well. I didn't take photos of those because I had them sent directly to her, but hopefully they made it there safe (crossing my fingers and toes!)

When my snail mail swap comes in the mail ( I am totally stalking our mailbox) I will make sure I write a post about it! Check out last season's Etsy Swap here.

What was your favorite goodie that you gave or received?

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mondrian Vs. Seurat

So I went to visit Josh (the hubster) at his middle school, which lucky for us, is right down the road from my middle school. While Josh as in a meeting I snooped casually walked around the school looking at all the kid's art. And holy cow, their teacher is A-MAZING. He is new to the school but has been teaching for 18 years. My favorite project his students had just finished a quadrant portrait based on Mondrian and Seurat. So I asked if I could steal his idea, and he didn't mind at all. If you follow me on Instagram, you already got a glance at what they were working on.

My students used this rubric (feel free to use it). The art teacher at Josh's school has his students trace the figure from a transparency, but we just used a window. I know, I hate tracing too, but my students did a grid self portait and a grid flower, so they are highly familiar with how to draw it on their own, but this was just a time saver. The actual drawing isn't the meat and potatoes of this project anyway...but if you hate tracing so much you could do a grid drawing first.

So the basic gist of this project is, trace a celebrity, break it up into 4 different squares. One square must use Mondrian lines (black vertical and horizontal lines, with red blue and yellow, they also could use white but didn't have to). One square students used a pencil and showed value with lights and darks. One square the student used dots with only a black marker and the last square the student used dots (pointillism) but could only use red yellow and blue. 

They loved this project, it was easy enough and challenging enough for strong art students and students who had just taken one art class in their life to complete. They also took ownership in the project because they were able to pick their Celebrity on their own.

What is your favorite project that your students have been working on?

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tile Progress Tuesday

Confession. Today I am wearing a Backstreet Boys t-shirt and green pants. Not really Teacher Outfit Tuesday worthy, but it's spirit week so I am complying for Decade's Day (the l990s were my jam) and I am betting that only a handful of students recognize these lyrical geniuses. So to make up for bad fashion I thought I would show you the progress my students are making on their ceiling tiles.

Aren't they fantastic? My students are taking CPR this week so they won't be working on them for a couple of days but I am pretty stoked with their progress.

Hope you have an epic day!
The girl with the boy band t


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