Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 things to do before Lauren turns 31

Admittedly I am a cougar, Josh is 335 days younger than me, a fact I am sure to be reminded about for years to come.(I will post later about how to trap a younger man into your cougar web, usually shoulder pads and baby blue eye shadow does the trick)  But as we talk about who we want to be as a couple, the main thing we want to focus on is never being stagnant in our love for each other. We know marriages go through seasons,  and we know sometimes it's not going to be flowers, cupcakes and rainbows, but we always want to be striving to better ourselves together. Every year before my birthday, I come up with goals I want to do for the next 365 days. Josh and I thought it would be a great idea if we came up with goals that we wanted to do and meet together as a couple. Some are mine, some are his, and some we came up with together. Josh will add his in later ( I'm hoping by posting this he will get the subtle wink wink nudge nudge to post his. :)
  1. Get married. (this one is a duh. But we are sort of head over heels excited, so why not plug our wedding as much as possible?)
  2. Host a murder mystery dinner party, with costumes, bad fake accents and lots of fun. (sorry Josh, it's on the list, now we have to do it.) Editor's Note: definitely not happy about this one... sounds like LARPing to me...
  3. Pray for and with each other (because two imperfect people sharing a life together definitely need a Perfect God).
  4. Cook together (originally this said cook together once a week, but Josh and I like eating out, a lot, like a lot a lot. Not only do we like eating out, but we love eating Mexican food, like we could eat it four days a week, possibly five.... I don't think we are willing to give our love for unlimited chips and salsa up just yet).
  5. Go to a Tar Heels basketball game. (Josh loves the Tar Heels, I love Josh, seems like a no brainier.) 
  6. Run a half marathon. (before I met Josh I was a runner, now we have run once, about a half a mile, before we both sheepishly walked back to the house. So we have got to step it up. Editor's Note: I seem to recall running at least part of the way back. I also seem to recall my chest feeling like it might explode, though!)
  7. Read The Four Seasons of Marriage, (this was the book Josh put my ring in, it's by the same author of one of my favorite books, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman... If you haven't read it you should run to Barnes and Noble and pick up a copy)
  8. Write and illustrate a book together (it's already in the works, be excited, Josh is a phenomenal writer!)
  9. Find a co-ed sports team we can join together. (kickball anyone?)
  10. Visit and snuggle up on the Outer Banks. (I haven't been there ever and Josh hasn't been there since he was a kid.)
  11. Take a really great picture with a Christmas tree or an elf. (I would be happy with either.)
  12. Have a Lord of the Rings marathon. (again I love Josh and I am trying to love, or at least like the Lord of the Rings.)
  13. Make up really awesome, slightly embarrassing pet names for each other. (I am leaning towards Joshy bear but am open to suggestions.) 
  14. Go to a pumpkin patch. (we skipped it this year but I will have a picture of us surrounded by pumpkins next year)
  15. Have a date night once a week. (because who doesn't want to spend time with your rad hubby?)
Editor's Note: Lauren took a bunch of the ones I would have said... let's hope my list matches hers in cool points.
  1. Go on an awesome honeymoon (undisclosed location, somewhere neither of us has ever been before)
  2. Make official plans to move to New York City, London, or some other equally cool big city
  3. Don't let a busy life keep us from hanging out with friends (Lauren is much better at this than I am... sorry, friends...)
  4. Give a surprise gift on a non-holiday (because doing stuff like this is just awesome)
  5. Carve pumpkins for Halloween, which happens to be my favorite holiday. (I haven't done this in years!)
  6. Go to a Gamecocks football game. (We tried to go to half of one a few weeks ago, but even the best made plans sometimes fall through...)
  7. Learn to swim (many have tried to teach me, but I still can't do much more than float and flap my arms around... it's actually kind of pathetic, but Lauren thinks she can help!)
  8. Buy flowers for my lady (pretty sure the last time I bought a girl flowers was back in high school... whoah...)
  9. Watch a beach sunrise together (probably at the Outer Banks - this one will be tough because we both like to sleep late!)
  10. Take Lauren to places I loved as a kid (Tweetsie Railroad, for example... you can't go wrong with the Mouse Mine, but that song can get stuck in your head for 20 years)
  11. Continue sending daily "good morning and I love you" texts (they're important)
  12. Make a budget!
  13. Play tons of board games together and with friends (because game nights are awesome)
  14. Write at least one post each week on this blog (and hopefully people will start following/reading!)
  15. Do something artistic together (maybe a banner for this site?)
Whew! So there they are... thirty things to do before Lauren turns thirty-one.

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  1. Great lists! I particularly love the surprise gift suggestion...the Love Dare challenge actually says the same thing! Lauren, don't fret if you can't love LOTR. I love Nik to death, but no matter how hard I've tried, I just can't get into those books or movies. We compromise, though...everytime we watch one, Nik has to watch Gone With the Wind or High Society with me ;)

    Also, that LARPing video was HILARIOUS!!! But I hope y'all still make the murder mystery dinner party a top priority...I have been wanting to do that since Lauren suggested it a year ago!!



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