Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Story So Far...

For those of you who have been out of the loop for whatever reason, this is what you need to know to get caught up.
First date: Should have been Thai, but somebody was late. Discovered horror stories on Google. Last minute switch to Qdoba.

(Editor's note: I did call and say I was going to be late, and also promised him that I was usually always on time. I have been on time to exactly three dates since then...)
Used book store near Qdoba was closed, so we finished our first date in Barnes & Noble like true nerds. 
2nd Date - Yeah, there was dinner... but we spent most of the evening watching funny YouTube clips. 

Don't get the wrong idea. This is the trophy bear. We're both competitive. The one who won the most recent game, competition, argument over trivia, etc. gets to keep the bear.

Bowling! Sweet! This was my first time losing the bear. I'm not commenting on whether or not I allowed this to happen.

Somebody really likes slushies. I don't know who that might be...
Zip lining? Amazing way to spend the day... even when you're the only ones out there in helmets...

Stopped counting dates by this point, but this was our first night out on the town in the grand old city of Southern Pines.

First time hanging out with some of the fam... pretty sure this is when she fell in love! 

A dress-up date at Maggiano's in Charlotte. Good food... embarrassing pics... what more could one ask for?
This is (sort of) what I cooked for us one night instead of going out... minus the broccoli, minus the fettuccine, plus some spaghetti. On second thought, maybe this doesn't look like what I cooked at all. I did make the tilapia, though!

Late Night with Roy. She agreed to be a Tar Heels fan for basketball season.

My birthday... and a cake that looked amazing despite a rough upbringing.
Meeting her dad and asking his permission to marry her on the same night? Definitely a tough conversation!

And I agreed to be a Gamecock fan during football season...

Where I hid the ring...

When she found it...

And the crazy pictures that followed the popping of the question... (Yes, that's the ring finger that is up...)

Congratulations! Now you're all caught up!

Actually, I probably missed some important stuff... but you should get the general idea by this point...


  1. Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Cornwell, why are there no dates on these events :) Aka when was the first date....

  2. August 15, second day of school starting... Totally stressed, totally thinking that this date would just take my mind off school and not actually, be meeting my future husband. God's funny that way.

  3. Congratulations, Josh! Super excited for you both! Sidenote: mad that you've been in Southern Pines and to Richland Creek and I haven't seen you! I literally live 10 minutes from the zipline! Best wishes to an adorable couple!

  4. Sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing! And Congrats from Catalanoia to you both! (I guess, that means and international "best wishes!") :D



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