Saturday, December 22, 2012

December Travels, Goal Updates, and a Wedding Survey

The holiday season is here, and so far we've spent it traveling all over the place. From Coronado, California to Charleston, South Carolina, by the end of today we will have been to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans this month. For some people (maybe Lauren included) that might not be a big deal, but this is definitely more traveling than what I'm used to! Lauren has been taking tons of pics, and I'm making silly faces in a bunch of them (as usual). Along the way, we've managed to cross off a few of the goals on the "30 Things to do Before Lauren Turns 31" list, so I went back and updated those.

Last thing on the blog agenda today... it's time to collect some data. If you've clicked the "Registry" link on this blog, you've probably found yourself on a relatively blank page. That's because even though Lauren really wants to work on it, I (sometimes we) keep finding reasons to put it off. So I'm looking for some opinions... how early does it need to be done and how big of a deal is it if you wait a while? Regardless of the outcome of this survey, I'm sure we will have worked on it at least some before the end of Christmas break, but the discussion has definitely gotten my curiosity up. What do you think?

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