Sunday, December 30, 2012

Groovin' to Different Tunes, Wedding Song

        Josh and I like a lot of the same things. Cream soda (preferably IBC in the bottle), sleeping in, Mexican food, Breaking Bad, reading, the color pink (oh wait that's just me:), procrastination, working with children, Jesus (love), traveling, our families.... the list goes on and on. But what the list does not include is our mutual love for the same music. Actually we are polar opposites on what we like to hear on repeat.  He likes this (my ears are bleeding) and I like this (you're welcome).
       Needless to say when we started picking songs to dance to at our wedding it was a chore (and not like the fun vacuuming the house with a Dyson vacuum kind of chore, the "we've been gone for a week and have to clean out the kitty litter" kind.... Yeah, not fun.) But we finally stumbled upon this. While its not for everyone, it us, and we are so stoked to be dancing in front of lots and lots of people. (cue editor's comments). What is your favorite wedding song that you have heard?

Xoxo, L&J


  1. Love the song. Actually, I love all three of them. But "Fire and Dynamite" is a very lovely. I think the music should be a reflective medley of both you and Josh. Maybe half and half? Except you can't play "Simple Man" at a reception. Too dreary. Sorry, Josh. :-P

    1. I actually hate "Simple Man." I just changed it to a Rise Against song. LOL

    2. Rise Against is awesome. Not sure its wedding music, though. Lol Actually, "Swing Life Away" might work. Give it a listen.

    3. Yep, I like "Swing Life Away," but it is definitely not the usual Rise Against style. Clearly, the kinds of music I like weren't meant to be played in weddings.



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