Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gluten Free Eating

Josh and I have been talking a lot about our diet. Mostly because I bought a wedding dress that is just a bit too small and have been doing next to nothing about losing a bit of weight, unless you count downing soda on the regular and gorging on delicious fatty food on our weekends together. But for a while now my digestive system has hated me. My bestie came to visit me this weekend and she suffers from Celiac disease, we talked a lot about it, and some of my symptoms line up with needing to go gluten free so I thought I would try it for a month and see if anything changes. 

I have been scouring the internet in search of great gluten-free blogs, sites and tips. Josh and I are addddddddicted to Mexican food, and "healthy" Mexican food, we loved Qdoba, Salsaritas, Chipolte and Moe's (well I love Chipolte and Moe's, Josh hasn't been to Chipolte and likes Moe's OK ) I went to Moe's yesterday and thinking I was being gluten free, I didn't get their rice and ate their corn chips. I got a bowl instead of a burrito and got tons of veggies to spice things up. Totally wrong, their rice is gluten free, but their corn chips aren't. I was frustrated, how on earth am I supposed to get this right?

The key, I think is preparation. Knowing whats gluten free before walking into a place is half the battle. However there are times when you just want to grab a quick bite. 

This Gluten Free Registry is AMAZING, it tells you where, based on your state, there are gluten free options  at restaurant and is constantly updated. Perfect for when your on the go and unprepared.

Moe's, being fabulous like they are, has an online menu of everything that is gluten free, and other food allergy based ingredients... if only I checked this out before yesterday. (Again preparation is key)

If your just starting out on your gluten free journey, this site is an awesome resource for every question you might have!

And lastly. if you looked at one of our things to do before I turn thirty one, you will notice that eating out less and cooking more is one of them. Josh, being the rad guy he is has agreed to try to go on this gluten free adventure with me, so we need some seriously good recipes if we want to trick, keep him eating gluten free with me. This website has the 25 Best Gluten Free blogs to follow, with tons of recipes. 

 One of my super healthy friends told me that Udi's has the best bread, and Pamela's has the best mixes for baking. I haven't tried them yet but cant wait!

Send me your gluten free eating tips, food that you love and restaurants that carry gluten free stuff. I would love to learn more!

XO, L and J.


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