Saturday, February 16, 2013

Let it Snow! (and animated gif fun)

This would be so much better if I wasn't holding
my tablet in hand while taking the pics!
Kind of a random post today... it's snowing outside and it has been a while since Lauren or I posted anything.

We both intended to be productive today. But then, just as we were actually doing big things, the weather turned... beautiful. We went from working to sitting at the kitchen table looking out at the weather. Being stuck in the house proved a good time to catch up on some things around here, though. After spending some time gazing out at the snow, I finally managed to install the new garbage disposal I bought weeks ago but never found time to work on.

And now that the work is done for the day? I found time to play around with this cool little animated gif maker online. Animated gif files are almost archaic - flash just makes websites look so much nicer. But if you just want to make something simple and fun from a handful of photos, you can't go wrong with a free animated gif site. is a good example... simple and easy.

There's only one bad thing about snow on a Saturday... more than likely we won't be missing school on Monday!

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