Sunday, March 10, 2013

Date Night and 5 People That You Don't Want To Sit Next To At A Sporting Event

So for Josh's grooms gift we went to see Carolina beat Duke in College Basketball... Things didn't really turn out as expected and, well, Duke beat Carolina, badly. But as I was sitting there watching UNC get crushed, I was reminded how lucky I am to be marrying Josh. He didn't care if I constantly asked him, "there, that guy, he's my favorite player right? And every time he answered, no matter how heated the game was "yep, that's PJ Hairston". Or if I talk about zone defense or shooting the J like I actually know what I am talking about. (End Gushing.)

But as we were sitting there, I realized that there are certain people you don't want sitting near you at any sporting event.

1. The person who stands up in front of you during the game, for pretty much it's entirety. There are people behind you, and we can't see. (Editor's Note: If it's a really close game, I understand. When it's a blowout, do us all a favor and sit down unless something exciting just happened.)

2. The one fan from the other team in a sea of 10,000, who always seems to be aggressive. Stop saying the F word. It's not cute.

3. The person who says "We" as if they are playing on the team. I don't see your jersey or your bottle of Gatorade, so unless you're down on the sidelines, please refrain from making associations with a team that doesn't know your name. (Editor's Note: Guilty!)

4. The person who takes it out on his girlfriend when his team is losing. Buddy, she is trying to like your team, be excited!

5. The fan who is shouting at the ref's for bad calls, when its obvious they don't know the rules of the game.

But really, these fans make it part of the experience and make us giggle on the way home. People like sports, and get emotional and it wouldn't be as much fun without them.

On our way to the game we stopped at this Mexican Restaurant about 20 minutes outside the Dean Dome. It had like 8 tables, and a line of people out the door so we knew it had to be good. Warm homemade chips, awesome and cheap Sangria and Burritos the size of your head, we will definitely be back!


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