Thursday, March 7, 2013

Disagreements and Ugly Shower Curtains

Josh and I don't argue much. When we do it usually involves a snuggle and a lot of talking through things. But there is one huge thing we can't agree on and its a major elephant in the room, well in the bathroom that is.
Its this thing. Found here.

Every time I look at it I cringe, its plastic,kitschy and its on our registry. Someone is going to buy it for us. If you are that someone, know that the thank you note will be coming from Josh.

Do we: 
     A) Put it in our bathroom so the guests don't see it?
     B) Put it in the guest bathroom so I don't have to see it?
     C) Have an accidental house fire that just burns up the shower curtain?

What are some silly things that you and your love muffin argue about, that are funny and not real blowout?


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