Thursday, March 21, 2013

How to Improve Your Relationship with Evernote

There's this little tool called Evernote that I've been using on and off for several years now, and I have to say... it is amazing. It was created for productivity, to help people who are on the go (mostly business-minded people, I guess) keep all the brilliant ideas they come up with in one place while they rush back and forth from one important client to the next.

It's like having a flash drive for your brain. You can access it anywhere (because it syncs with your computer, tablet, and phone), and the user interface is so simple that you can jot down important things anywhere, anytime.

What's all this got to do with relationships? 

Well, I would argue that strong relationships rely on relational productivity. (Did I just coin a phrase? Eh... I'll google it later.) Seriously though, I do believe relationships thrive when each person puts for the effort to be productive in that relationship. Create things together. Work together. Play together. Have meaningful conversations. Do things separately, but come back together and discuss what happened while you were apart. Make time for lazy weekends lounging around the house. 

Seriously? What does this have to do with Evernote? 

Don't worry... I'm coming around to that. 

One of the best things for a relationship is taking the time to show that you care. As busy as our modern lives get, it can be easy to take relationships for granted and fall into the potentially disastrous "she knows I love her" mentality. In truth, it's probably true. She probably does know... for now. But living in that mentality for long periods of time can lead to prolonged periods of relationship mediocrity.

The problem is that we care, but we often come across the coolest ways to show it at the most inopportune times, and by the time we have the time to take action, we've already forgotten that cool idea.

Enter Evernote. This little app takes care of the problem for me. Here are a few ways I use it to keep my oft-addled brain from failing my lady...

1. Gift Ideas
It doesn't happen too often because I'm not the type of guy who spends a lot of time shopping, but when I do happen upon something that I think Lauren will like, I take a snapshot of it and save it to my Evernote. Occasionally, I'll jot down a short enough description that I can Google it later. This way when important dates come up, or I whenever I feel like it, I have some ideas to come back to. 

2. Date Ideas
In the same way that I take notes whenever I spot something I think Lauren would like, I also keep notes on things we could do together. She does a lot better job of this than I do, but I do like to contribute. 

3. Important Dates
I'm pretty hit or miss on remembering important dates. First date? First kiss? Anniversary? Birthdays? Whatever you can think of, no matter how seemingly insignificant, you can record it on Evernote and access it anytime. How surprised will she be when you celebrate the anniversary of your first kiss? (Note: I'm recommending this, but I'm not that sweet... I can describe the date but I can't give you the date of our first kiss)

4. Honeydew "Honey Do" List
We all have one of these, and guys, these lists are important! Now, you can hone the fine craft of dodging these tasks through procrastination or putting them off on someone else, but you need to know what she expects of you. Evernote is a great tool for keeping track of the things she's asked you to do... especially the ones you're waiting until tomorrow (or maybe the day after) to start working on.

5. Professional "To Do" List
While this one isn't directly tied to the relationship, it can have a huge impact. A professional "To Do" list that you can't misplace is incredibly convenient. This is about the only way I manage to keep myself from getting fired at work, but you do what you have to do to keep your head above water. Women appreciate successful men, and staying on top of your career will go a long way toward making sure she doesn't feel like she settled for a dud. Keep your crap together, guys!

So there you have it... five ways to use Evernote to improve (or just solidify) your relationship. Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? Share below! :-)

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