Friday, March 8, 2013

Top Ten Gifts For Bridesmaids

So while planning the wedding, I have been going bridesmaid gift crazy, searching high and low for some unique things for my equally unique ladies. Here are my top ten, in no particular order of things I would love to get if I was a bridesmaid.

 1.  Some (almost all) of my bridesmaids are coming from out of town so these personalized chevron luggage tags would come in handy. You can get your very own, here.
2. A Subscription to Birchbox, an monthly makeup subscription right to your door. So much fun to unwrap the tissue paper and see whats inside!
3. Bridesmaids have a lot of stuff to remember, rehearsal dinners, parties, showers and the big day, why not gift them the cutest planner on the face of this planet, and it comes with stickers.

4. For the traveler bridesmaid, this is sure to be a hit. Scratch off a country every time you visit. Urban Outfitters, you've done it again!

5. If you love diy like I do, you are sure to love this Anthropologie Inspired Coffee Mug Tutorial and so will your bridesmaids!
6. You can never have enough pretty stationary, and I think your bridesmaids would agree!
7.  A grown up friendship bracelet, this bangle from Kate Spade is a nod to middle school days of best friend heart necklaces and I'm in love. This is the perfect classy gift for your classy ladies!

8. How to make sure that your friends don't spill on their new dresses? Why this wine sippy cup of course!

9. If you can sew, (I can't, sorry bridesmaids) wouldn't these be adorable for a gift? I would like one in every pattern please.

10. In reality this one's for me. Nothing says class like an embosser and this would be a welcomed addition for anyone who reads. 

What are your favorite gifts to give or receive? P.S.Sorry bridesmaids, your gifts aren't on here:)



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