Thursday, March 14, 2013

Wedding Planning (Dis)Organization

Last week I met with our day of coordinator at Starbucks, she is one of my favorite people and I am so glad she is going to be part of our special day. I brought my wedding planning folder and was embarrassed, I was  completely disorganized. I have two separate planners as well as my folder, and I need to get it together.
I thought I would show you a little bit of my planning so far.

It is a disaster to say the very least.

Josh has been great in dealing with my minor freak-outs (OK, tearful blubbering about plastic monogrammed cups and not being able to find a makeup artist) or my instance that we have to go back to Target to re register because half of our stuff has gone off the floor. But my disorganization is not helping.This weekend I plan to get this under control. Hopefully I will be able to post "after" pictures very soon.

 What are your tips for staying organized for the big day?

Here are my favorite wedding go to websites to help with inspiration and procrastination:

Style Me Pretty
Green Wedding Shoes
Brooklyn Bride
The Perfect Palette

Disclaimer: If you have anything of importance to do today, do not click on these links. They will suck you into a beautiful wedding world where time does not exist.

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  1. Hey girl! I'm loving this post and will definately check out those websites!!! Will be starting to plan my own wedding soon!



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