Monday, April 1, 2013

A 5k is not a Half Marathon and Glow in the Dark Races

If you are one of the seven people that read our blog you will know that one of our goals before I turn 31 is to run a half marathon... Well actually that was my goal. Josh begrudgingly agreed.  We signed up for a 5k in May and we are really excited about it.... Well I am really stoked, Josh is a little less than. But we got to talking and I mentioned the half marathon that we will eventually be running and Josh asked "isn't the 5k the half marathon?" (insert evil laughter) That's when I knew that my fiancĂ© had no earthly idea when he said yes to a half marathon that it was 13.1 miles. But he already agreed to the race and I feel bad for him, well a very very small minute part of me deep deep deep down feels bad for him. A large part of me is thrilled that he will be sweating by my that wrong? Maybe, but who wouldn't want their main man to be next to them partaking in a lifetime goal? I am just crossing my fingers and toes that he actually enjoys it.

If you are in the Charlotte area and want to do a glow in the dark run in May check out this race! We would love to have you along!

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