Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crazy Love.

      So for the past few weeks I have been freaking out, bridezilla style. OK  probably not bridezilla status, but pretty close. Lets just say a lot of Sauvigon Blanc has been consumed and a lot of tears have been shed. A big blog smooch is sent out to my almost hubby for dealing with his "laid back bride" (I have been anything but.) I haven't been able to find a musician for our wedding, I had very specific qualifications. Crazy Love by Van Morrison must be played. One of my best friends and I would play this song on her record player over and over again, upon my request.(we aren't old, my friend Amanda is just really hip and has a record player with a thousand records to boot) I had contacted a million zillion musicians and they were all booked. Darn it summer weddings, and procrastination.
    Well needless to say we lucked out, one of our groomsmen plays guitar and he has gotten suckered into playing not one, but two songs for us.  He is sort of the best.
       When I lived in California, wedding musicians were never a problem for me. One of my best friend's dads played the violin for all of the local weddings. He is amazing! If you happen to be in the Southern California area and are looking for an amazing wedding musician, James Zagami is your man. Check out his website here


     What has been your favorite song that you have heard played during a wedding ceremony?

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