Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Overwhelmed and Ill Prepared

You know those times where you have it all together, and you can cross off everything on your Lilly planner with a pink gel pen and gain satisfaction knowing that you completed the task at hand? Right now is not one of those times. I'm freaking out man!I like doing lots of stuff, having weekdays and weekends chock full of friends and activities (which is why I always wanted a bunk bed since seeing Stepbrothers, because there is so much more room for activities.... I digress). But liking to do stuff gets me in trouble, this week Yearbook is due, I have a gallery opening on Thursday, Friday I am running a glow in the dark 5k with my husband to be and Saturday we are hosting a Cuatro De Mayo Party. Oh and there is this little thing called OUR WEDDING in 31 days. What the heck. But everyone is busy, its not something new. And you want to know a secret? I think I like that feeling of being overwhelmed. Like when I achieve the thing I have been striving for after treading water and juggling at the same time I feel more empowered....maybe that's why I am chronic procrastinator. I actually think I am just making excuses. But for the next week I will be putting off this blog, only to come back to it with greater fervor than ever before ( I know all 3 of you are really interested in what I am wearing these days, at least my mom is:). So say some giant prayers for me, that I have time to shower in the mornings and maybe shave my armpits...(too much? I feel like we know each other so well) and that I have enough time to take in these moments, because after all I am only getting engaged once, so these are moments that I will never have again! I am praying for you too, dear reader. Whether you be an old high school friend or nemesis  or someone who googled patron corks, I pray that you are filled with God's calming spirit, because only in him can we find rest!

This picture was from last year at one of my besties day of bridal relaxation parties.... I could really use a mimosa and a pedi right now:)

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