Thursday, April 4, 2013

Patron Cork Photo Holder

This week I am inspired by Melanie, over at She always has uplifting posts, and makes you giggle, basically her blog is an Internet bear hug. I highly recommend checking her site out!

photo and directions found here
Adorable right?

Well here's what this post inspired me to make!

Before we get started you will need: two colors, your choice of acrylic cheapy cheap craft paint( I use white for a base and then a bright color), patron corks (if you don't happen to work in a bar and there for aren't privileged with an unending supply of patron corks on a moments whim, ask your local bartender to save them for you, they usually don't mind!) wire, I used 20 gauge jewelry making wire (its easy to bend but still holds its shape) a paint brush that can paint smaller details, and that's it!

for those of you who don't know, this is a Patron cork. Hence why it Patron:)

Paint your patron cork with white acrylic paint. (wait till it drys before trying to move it, or you will have to retouch it like I did *opps* in the next picture, to make the drying process a heck of a lot faster use a hair dryer!)

Then paint the top round part of the cork using your bright color acrylic paint, again take a hair dryer to make the paint dry faster!

After its dry, I used the white paint to add spots, but you can always use any other color to make this toad stool pop!

Then using needle nose pliers cut about a three to five inch piece of wire and twist the top part of the wire in a small circle.

Push the wire bottom into the toad stool and place your favorite picture of your furry creature, love muffin or Paul Walker (wait is that just me?) in the circle at the top!

Whats inspiring you this week?

* This is a re-post of a craft I did for Hey That's Crafty more than a year ago, but I still love love love the how easy and fun it was to make, and I hope you do too! Xo Lauren

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