Monday, April 15, 2013

Tall Women Rock!

As an adolescent and into High School, I was one of the tallest girls in my class, and hated it. It was before "long jeans" were a staple at stores like Target and I always had high waters (which is basically social death in middle school), I wore flip flops to my prom and refused to date anyone shorter than me ( don't get me wrong the line to date me in high school was a verrrrrry short line, but I did have pretty high tall expectations).But after high school tall boys seemed to abound and for the first time I didn't hate being tall quite as much. I still rarely wear heels, but I own a ton and frequently get told that being tall is awesome. My first graders always tell me how tall I am, but really Danny Devito would be a giant next to them, so I really don't take it to personally.

But being a tall woman I am in some pretty good company of awesome women. Maya Angelou, writer and poet (and an all around inspiration to pretty much everyone on the planet) is six foot. Princess Diana, who always made tall look classy was five ten. When Good Will Hunting came out I was so stoked to learn that Minnie Driver was five eleven and dating Matt Damon (tall girls could get boyfriends). And love her or hate her ( I love her) Taylor Swift is five eleven.

Being tall sort of rocks, but so does being short, or round or skinny. Love the skin you're in, we only have one body, let's embrass it!
     A picture of some of my teacher friends and I, we have some pretty tall awesome girls on staff           (and some equally awesome short ones too!)

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