Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Things To Do In Hickory: Resource Warehouse

One of my new favorite places in Hickory is Resource Warehouse . The front part of the store is an art gallery made with found objects and things that would be otherwise thrown into landfills. My three favorites were the dinosaur bookends pictured above, the paintbrush wreath and a chandelier made out of beer bottles. Amazing stuff. The second part of the store was a warehouse full of doors, windows, paper, fabric and all other kinds of ooohzits and whatsits galore. If you wanted thing a ma bobs, they had more than twenty (ok enough with The Little Mermaid references). But, you get the drift. I managed to escape with only blue fabric with bacon and eggs on it, a window pane and an apron that you will see in an upcoming teacher outfit Tuesday. I will definitely be back soon.What's your favorite hidden gem in your town? 

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