Monday, May 6, 2013

Bottle Cap Mural and a Spring Arts Show

So last week, the Spring Arts Festival engulfed all of my time, OK not all of it, I still managed to make it to the Oyster Bar for some bacon wrapped scallops, a gluten free beer and teacher gossip, so I am sort of exaggerating. But it was a lot of work, but its always awesome to see all of my students work up at the same time. They rock, and the progress they made this year makes my heart smile. So indulge me a bit while I take you on a virtual tour of the spring arts festival and the bottle cap mural.

7th Grade, Gustav Klimt Inspired Trees

7th Grade, Home is Where the.... Map Self Portraits 

4th grade, Paper Mache Bottle Pigs

6th Grade Fish

8th Grade, Clay Owls

2nd Grade, Elephant Safari

Kindergarten, Rainbow Fish Scales

4th Grade, Watercolor Lizards

Kindergarten, Oil Pastel Lions

6th,7th,8th Grade Bottle Cap Mural

Kindergarten, Frogs

1st Grade, Watercolor Sunflowers

3rd Grade, Giraffes 

They are really fantastic don't you think?

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