Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Gluten Free Gung Fu Chicken

So who would have thought that Soy Sauce had gluten in it? Not me, I am lucky to have gluten free savvy friends steering me in the right direction because otherwise I would have quite the upset stomach, Although this does explain why Japanese food never agreed with me. I made this for couples date night a little while back. Gung Fu Chicken is one of my favorite things my mom makes for dinner, its quick and easy and if you use red yellow and green peppers, really aesthetically pleasing as well!


4 Chicken Thighs or 2 Chicken Breasts
1t Ground Ginger
1/2 Green Red or Yellow Pepper ( I use them all)
2 Cloves of Garlic, crushed or 2T Garlic
2-T Oil
1/2 T crushed red pepper
1 Cup Chicken Stock or Bullion
1T Cornstarch
2t Water
2t Soy Sauce


Skin and bone chicken and cut into bite size pieces.
Sprinkle with ginger and garlic, mix.
In a large skillet stir-fry chicken with oil and peppers and crushed red pepper. 
Add the stock and cover and cook for about five minutes.
Mix the cornstarch with the soy sauce mixture (soy sauce and water in a small mixing bowl.
Reduce heat and add the cornstarch mixture; stir until thick, about two minutes.
Serve with rice.

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