Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Green Living is The Place For Me

So every so often, OK more than every so often I feel the need to be green. 

Confession, I sleep pretty much all the lights on in the house (when I am over at Josh's house its a running joke that every room I go into I need to keep the light on, he likes to save money so he turns the lights off), I like to sleep in a cool 68 degree air conditioned home and I frequently leave my phone plugged in all night.

Not a good start on this whole Green Movement right?

Well I love documentaries, living vicariously through someone doing outlandish things makes me feel like I too can move mountains. Enter: No Impact Man, he is all sorts of crazy for the Earth and convinces his wife and their young son (did he really have a choice?) to go a year long adventure of living with no negative footprint. Super interesting, and I did glean a lot from it.

My friend Katie posted a youtube video of some of her friends living off the grid this summer and I was even more inspired.

 How can I (and Josh, because he is marrying this crazy nut) live more simply? Sure we go to the farmers market,(where Josh declares his disdain for vegetables and I find the person selling local wine and we are on our merry way) and usually when we park at one end of the shopping center we walk to the other end rather than driving our car.... But couldn't we do more? The answer is obviously yes, we could, we can and we will.

This summer join us in attempting to have a green day once a week. One day where we don't use cars, our computers, lights and try to reduce our trash. Is it possible, could we even do more, where will this take us?

We will post about how we are doing and when we are going to start so you can follow along on this new adventure.

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