Friday, May 17, 2013

My Friday is Happy Because....

Have you heard of the App Happier? It is a magical place, sometimes when I get on facebook I get bogged down with drama, sometimes my own and I just want a place to escape. Last night I took an involuntary night off from my phone and the computer (I forgot my charger at work and my internet isn't working...) but it was nice and peaceful. Sometimes I get wrapped up in technology, sometimes its good, but sometimes it can be pretty negative. But the Happier app is awesome, it has you list things that made you happy during the day, pictures, text, etc can be included. It really makes you recount all the blessings in the day, and there are a ton!!

This Friday here are some things that make me happy:

1.Avocados.  So this might sound super silly but I was listening to an advertisement on the radio, for what I am not sure, but it gave this recipe: Mix cubed avocado, cooked pulled chicken,lemon juice and pepper together. I made it last night, Seriously YUM.

2. Today this morning on my prep period I went over to gym class and played volleyball with the eighth graders. The volleyball was soft, which was awesome, I need to get one like that. I am by no means good at volleyball and my wrists usually ache when I am done playing and this soft volleyball was so fun to play with, no wrist pain!

3. A middle school teacher friend told me about this book a year ago, I just finished the first in the series of three. I apparently am the last on this book train because it is being made into a movie and I cant wait!!
4. Izzie Drinks, especially Clementine, I am trying not to drink pop, so this is a good carbonated alternative!

5. Of course this guy makes me happy, 15 more days till we get hitched. Pretty awesome.

What's making you happy today?

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