Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teacher Outfit Tuesday

I am super in love with J. Crew, and Anthro. And if someday Josh and I get filthy rich, I would love love love a closet full of different color cashmere sweaters and beautiful dresses from both of these stores. But right now we do what we love and I shop at Target and Thrift Stores. That doesn't mean I can't have fun with clothes though. This week I am inspired by J. Crew's spring looks with their color and pattern mixing.

I am not a fashion model, so I need to work on the casual hand on popped hip look. ( Also please forgive the static on my skirt)

Striped Shirt: Target
Bicycle Skirt: Target (This was from last spring, but I saw that they have a bicycle dress now that is oh so lovely)
White Sandals: Target
Beaded Earrings: Handpicked 

*Please note that this is not my classroom. I take photos in my friend's color coordinated always neat and lovely classroom so you don't see my disaster of an Art Classroom.

Hope your Tuesday is Magnificent! 

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