Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Things To Do In Hickory- Hatch

One of my favorite places to drag Josh to in Hickory is Hatch, this really yummy sandwich bar located in downtown Hickory. The staff there is really friendly and attentive and they have micro brews (darn it gluten!) and gluten free bread (so hip!) and this really great cream soda (no we aren't middle schoolers, but we are cream soda connoisseurs). I usually get the Turkey Reuben with gluten free bread, it comes with this awesome kraut and Russian dressing that is delish! The atmosphere is quirky  with chalkboard menus and bookshelves full of, you guessed it, books. If you are in town you definitely need to stop in. I would love to see this restaurant do a brunch Sunday.... Have I mentioned I love brunch yet?

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