Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up

          Happy Monday!! I am stoked, like fist pump in the air, dancing in the grocery store, eating endless amounts of salsa and chips sort of stoked! Why??? I am getting married to Josh in 12 days, count'em on one two hands...err I mean three hands. ( I'm an art major not a math major:)
          This weekend was awesome!  Saturday we went down to my hometown in South Carolina for my bridal shower and we had a blast. We went to Wine and Design and did paintings of Flamingos (apparently that's my thing this spring.) If you are in Columbia I would definitely recommend it. You bring your own snacks and wine and they provide all the materials and an artist to walk you through the process. They have these types of places all over now and Josh and I even talked about doing one class for date night. I also thought it would be fun to start teaching some of these classes on my own! (A biiiiiiggggg thank you to my friend Melissa who painted and took pictures, she is all sorts of amazing!)

Hope your weekend was equally fab and your Monday has started out beautifully!

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