Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Most People Think I Am Always Nice

Except my husband, who knows the messy, wearing makeup from the night before, upset over tacos in a public place me. Sometimes I can be snarky, and hurt and grumpy and this all came to a big stinky pile of you know what at lunch yesterday. What was supposed to be a half an hour work lunch break ended up being an hour and a half whine fest.

Josh does an excellent job of listening, I do not, I prefer talking. So at lunch I talked, and teared up and talked loudly and ate a bunch of salsa and chips and talked some more.

I was tired of being nice, I was angry. My feelings were hurt and I thought Josh should know. Did he cause my hurt feelings? Absolutely not. Did I take it out on him? Yep. Isn't it funny how the people we care about the most are the people we take for granted? I need to work on being kinder to this face. Because he puts up with a lot!

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