Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Teacher Outfit Tuesday (Husband Edition)

That's right, folks. The husband took over. It has been three weeks since the last Teacher Outfit Tuesday post, and I'm sure Lauren has readers out there who are just dying to find out what she's wearing these days... so here's a pic. This pic wasn't taken on a Tuesday. It wasn't even taken at school. But you could wear this outfit to school, and I'd be willing to bet that she's worn this to school at some point this year.

This is the part where she tells you where she got all this stuff from, but since I have absolutely no clue, I'll just let her come back and edit this later.

Shirt: From somewhere (Free!*)
Skirt: From somewhere (Free!*)
Shoes: From somewhere (Free!*)
Sunglasses: From somewhere (Free!*)

*Free because I (the husband) didn't pay for 'em! :-)

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