Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shopping Fast

About four years ago I took a six month shopping fast from buying clothes. I found that I was buying stuff that I didn't need and was using it to de stress, an expensive hobby. I still like to shop and now that Josh and I are married and sharing a bank account I thought I would challenge myself again. This time for a year. I have a ton of clothes, a lot thrifted and usually a bargain, but can I make it a year, dressing cute with what I have, mixing and matching and making the best of it? I am going to buy a nice winter coat, and possibly some winter shoes but I will post them on here to keep accountable. I have also taken up sewing, so I might be working on some clothing pieces. Aside from that I will be trying not to buy anything else till July 29th 2014. I will be posting an outfit a day, trying to not repeat an outfit too often and keeping you up to date with my progress. 

Here is what I will be working with: 

My hope is that at the end of this journey I will shop more for key pieces and less for fun, that I will mix and match the stuff I do have more, and I will define what my style is. Also I hope this will keep me accountable to post everyday! 

What are you wearing lately?
Xo, L

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