Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gnome Obsessed.

I know its trendy to be in love with Gnomes, but ever since Amelie, I thought they were the bees knees. * Check out this years clay gnomes, minions, owls and fish here!

Have you read anything by Rein Poortvliet? It's an absolute delight and you should, but I digress.

While student teaching a couple of years back I had just gotten one of his books from an antique shop and thought it would make an excellent lesson, and it did, the kids fell in love.

This was my classroom example after one firing and had just put on the glaze.

This was my student work after instruction. Can we just talk about how creative the curly mustache and the open mouth were? Seriously their work was better than mine. 

We used a white bodied clay
Made three pinch pots, one for the body, head and hat
Slipped and Scored them on
They added their own details

After they were done I had each student write a paragraph about what their gnome was like, where they lived, what they liked doing etc. I got some really funny essays, one was a Rick Ross gnome... where the heck do they come up with this stuff??

This is definitely a project I would recommend doing with middle school, they loved it!

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