Wednesday, August 7, 2013

If I was a Millionaire (or if I just had a lot of extra cash lying around)

I just bought our first piece of married art today, and I am extra excited about it. I have long admired Max Wagner's dreamy photos with of tiny things in spacious landscapes and when I saw On Oh Joy!'s website that all his prints were 15% off with the summer code and a wedding gift card burning a hole in my pocket I knew I had to have one of my very own.

Here is our print, buy your very own here. I can noooooooot wait till it comes in the mail.

This print got me thinking, what other art would  I buy right now if money was not an option? Well it really didn't take me long to come up with a list.

I adore Notorious BIG, not something a lot of people know about me but he is sort of my fave, and with french typography I love this print even more. Buy it here

James Gulliver Hancock is my artist crush (don't tell my husband). When I was student teaching I did a project with my fifth graders based on his work and contacted him for feedback on their work, he not only referenced Pablo Picasso but gave them great compliments on their pieces. I love an artist who will get excited about kid's work. I am asking for this piece for Christmas.

This company was recently featured on Design*Sponge. For every dollar spent on a print, they will give to a charity of your choosing (they have five awesome charities to choose from, ranging from clean water to school books) and this print makes me giggle, and then makes me think. I dig it.

I love love love Christian Chaize's work and can't wait for to be up and running again so I can pick up a print from him!

Happy Wednesday! I cannot wait to see what the day holds!!

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