Monday, August 5, 2013

In This House We Cheer For Carolina!

I am sure you have seen on Pinterest the "in this house we cheer for..." Well as some of you know I went to the University of South Carolina and Josh went to the University of North Carolina, so we cheer for Carolina ( I just happen to cheer for the better one...;) so here is a tutorial on how to make a house divided painting... Not super thrilled with the results and I may update it later but for now this will do.

Get your paints together, I used super cheap acrylics found for less than a dollar at most craft stores, my husband also thinks you should get a sun drop, although I think a glass of wine is better for your health.

Use painters tape to divide the areas, if you are doing a house divided painting, you will have four sections for four different colors, if you are doing one team all you need is two sections.

When painting make SURE you paint on the sides too, that is really important!

Again, I am going to go over this a bit, you can tell on the L in Carolina I need some work. I don't love it but it will be fun for football season, especially since opening day is Carolina vs. Carolina, which is sort of epic!

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