Saturday, August 3, 2013

Our Wedding: Wedding Decor

This Series is going to be super picture heavy. If you hate weddings, cake, foolishness, and people in love stop reading now.......

Don't say you haven't been warned.

Our wedding took place in this barn in Fort Mill, SC. It was basically a blank canvas, it was super cheap to rent and in return you brought everything in on your own. While it was A LOT of work, it did pay off because it was really our place to do with what we wanted. We rented market lights and had them posted up to create a makeshift dance floor. The picnic tables were already there and created extra seating for those who didn't want to cut a rug.

(Back View)

This was my piece de resistance and it took FOREVER to make, but I totally don't regret slaving errr volunteering my friends and family into helping make it. I mean even my 90 year old grandmother got in on the action. My dad built the frame and added the chicken wire, and everyone in my bridal party and family rolled a zillion pieces of red paper to create this heart backdrop for the wedding. The only thing I would have done differently is to have started way sooner.

My mom made this cute pendant sign using burlap, spray adhesive and fabric, she also said she hadn't ever used her sewing machine as much as she did for my wedding. (See below at her next project I had her doing) And our awesome friends put it together for us!

The first picture are our lovely burlap napkin holders, which are being reused (minus the heart) at my friend's wedding in May! We used white linen table clothes and brown kraft paper (which I realized the day of the wedding that I forgot at my house 2 and 1/2 hours away, so my Dad, Brother and Uncle traipsed around Charlotte finding Kraft Paper and more burlap with a smile on their face....Did I mention my family rocks?)

I made these dinosaur mason jar crayon holders along with my mom (you can find the tutorial here) for the kraft paper table runner, this provided some laughs for friends as they entertained themselves and us with some really funny drawings and comments.... some not appropriate to show here:)

I waited till the last minute with flowers, called a The Place For Flowers up a week before our wedding saying can you help me please?  Sent them a picture via Pinterest of what I wanted and had my friend pick them up. I literally never saw them until they were handed to me. And they turned out beautifully. Minnie walked down the aisle with our flower girl, because she is two this was a bribe to get her down the aisle smiling and it worked!

Josh and I built these Chalkboard frames using chalkboard wood already with chalkboard paint on it from Home Depot and Crown Molding. I looked up some tutorials online about chalkboard art (using a pencil sharpener to sharpen your chalk really helps!) and used this as our program.

My cousin who is an artist and musican in Asheville (check out his band Leopard Island here) made Josh and I's Alma Mater cornhole boards. These were a huge hit!

Josh used our invites and created seating cards for all of our guests. My six grade art students glittered all of our clothespins happily, (I seriously recommend teaching if you need help with wedding decor, they beg to do wedding projects:) And my dad put everything up for me!

Yep we had a taco bar at our wedding, and we had tacos for weeks afterwards. People commented it was the best wedding food they had ever tasted and it was cheap and easy. Qdoba was Josh and I's first date so we had them cater it.

One of my childhood friends, engineer turned baker goddess made our lovely ombre cake and gluten free cupcakes, it was so yummy! I painted the wooden pegs to look like Josh and I and was pretty happy with the results!

Lastly we toasted out of these mason jar glasses that my sister gifted us!

Needless to say we had a lot of help from family and friends and we could NOT have done it without them. Stay tuned for more wedding posts if you can stomach it!

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