Thursday, August 1, 2013

Six Steps To Organizing Your Bathroom

Happy Thursday, today I'm talking about organization, bathroom organization... Sounds like fun right? (Grimace face). Here are six steps that I have found help keep me more organized, and please note I am still a work on process.

One of the most helpful things I have done with my morning routine is to organize all my products. One box for my face, with foundation, blushes and bronzers. A box for lip and eye with lips sticks, glosses, balms, mascara and eyeliner... Since I don't have that many products of each they share a box. Lastly a box for my face routine, acne medications, night lotion and day cream, along with a body spray. I don't own a label maker (one can dream) so I used packing tape and a permanent marker to label all of my boxes. This tape is easily removable when my needs change.

So often I hoard things because someone I loved gave it to me or I have had it since college, makeup products are no exception. Just because it was your favorite nail polish junior year,does not mean you should keep its crusty butt. Toss it. If makeup products are expired throw it out, if it is something that can be used again by your niece, like some coral lipstick you thought looked cute, give it away. But purge things you do not use!

If your bathroom, like mine ( I use the guest bathroom because I like taking baths so my hubby gets the master) is seen by people other than your immediate family members, make sure to declutter your counter. Too much stuff looks junky and gets confusing to guests. (Case and point my mom came over and accidentally used my face wash as soap because I had three different bottles by the sink... On the plus side her hands are now pimple free!) Only put the essentials out on the counter and the rest in a closet or under counter storage. If you don't have any of these options a good, cheap investment is a three drawer Tupperware container that can hold a bunch of stuff you don't want your guest privy too. 

Top shelf is hard to reach, I put all of our bathroom refills that we rarely need, up top. The next two shelves are the most accessible so I put the most used products like, makeup and hair care products. Stuff I use everyday. The last shelf has towels based on size. This might sound like a lot of work, but being organized saves you time, your not constantly looking for stuff!

Remember being coordinated does not mean matching every single little thing. I framed some postcards I got from my Birchbox Subscription and they look awesome next to my rainbow chevron shower curtain. Do the colors match perfectly?  Nope, but they still work together. I really love being playful with pattern and color instead of matching everything in sight.

Lastly remember you can organize on a budget. I made this nail polish holder out of a glass bowl and a candlestick holder I got at The Dollar Store and added a little bit of super glue to hold it together. The Dollar Store,thrift stores, Target, TJ Maxx
and Walmart are all great places to look for containers jars and other things to keep your bathroom in order.

Organization is a process, something I am still learning so don't get overwhelmed! 

What have you organized lately? What are some tips that you would recommend?

XO, L  

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