Friday, August 9, 2013

Things To Do In Hickory- Thai Lotus

 Our date night started out a failure, it was my turn to plan and wanted to go rock climbing but we ended up having things to  do till later so..... Josh was craving Thai anyways so we headed on over, like senior citizens for an early dinner, we were the first ones there.Our waiter was super nice.Josh got the dumplings and they were so good that he ate them before we could take a picture...Ok I helped a little.

I got Tom Yum soup to start out, you could either add chicken or shrimp and it was awesome and a bit spicy!

Josh got pineapple shrimp fried rice, or something like that... Doesn't he know I am going to blog about this, geeze remember it man!:) He dug it and ate the whole thing.

I got red curry chicken medium spicy, the waiter kindly told me that I might not want it hot, or Thai hot and that I should go medium. Thank you kind sir. My petite little self ate the whole thing too, my petite little stomach is not so small right now.

Thai Lotus Restaurant on UrbanspoonWe will definitely be back, and if you want a great date with your main squeeze and if you are in the Hickory area, check out Thai Lotus.

*Update 2/18/14 We tried this, last time we were here and OH MY GOSH, it is a MUST. Order the Thai Tea!!!!

We then went to see We're The Millers, it was silly, we laughed a lot at the slightly inappropriate humor but our high school like brains thought it was funny. If you are in need of a giggle you should too. Or you could wait to illegally download it on your computer, not that we condone that.

We hope that your weekend is spectacular and will leave you with a cat, dressed as a shark, on top of a vacuum chasing a chicken.

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