Saturday, October 5, 2013

Amazing Weekend

Our weekend was amazing and we hope your weekend was too! We went to the Lake Norman Folk Art Festival. I think it has been going for five years. We were super impressed. Shuttles ran visitors to the festival, yummy food, great art and blue grass music beside Lake Norman, it was magical. I bought a cup with a rooster on it from a teacher/artist. Every time I meet someone like that it makes me want to work on my art even more!
Here is some art I liked! Check out their link here, and make plans to go next year!


This fish was awesome, she used a lid and a button for the eye and wood chips for the scales, so fantastic!

I adored this painting, I want it for our future daughters room, it just says adventure!

How cool are these fish?

Homemade ice cream, yum!

What a perfect day with perfect weather for the festival!

Josh and I also ran our third race as a married couple this weekend. Our friend's church was having a five k to support their youth and we had a blast... Sure we looked red faced like tomatoes when we were finished, but it was a great time. I ranked 50th, whoo hoo!  Check out their link here.

And a random picture of our God daughter cheering us on. Happiest baby on the planet.

Hope your weekend is just as awesome as ours! Xo, L and J

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