Thursday, October 3, 2013

Danny Haas Alter Ego Lesson Plan* Updated

 Danny Haas is one of my favorite artists right now.

Buy this print from Danny Haas

 His artwork is found here, it's pretty awesome and the husband maybe getting something for his birthday from him.... Josh if you are reading this please disregard:)
    My eighth graders were inspired by his work and created their own super hero (or super villain) with a symmetrical emblem. This is a great way to incorporate math into your art classroom, and you know how schools love cross curriculum activities.

This was my example, I cut it in half so students could see the two different pieces, but I had them keep their artwork whole. 

Here is the step by step process

Materials Needed:
 2, 6 inch by 6 inch pieces of card-stock
Colored Permanent Markers
Construction Paper to frame artwork

Have students measure half of the card stock horizontally, 3 inches, have students draw a vertical line at the 3 inch mark.

Measure a half an inch down the vertical line and make a small dot with pencil. This is where your super's head will start.

From the half inch mark measure two inches down, the and draw an oval for your super's head.

Measure a half an inch down for the neck, draw shoulder and add arms, from shoulder to elbow two inches and from elbow to wrist two inches. ( Make sure you bend the elbow so it fits on the page)
See example above for exact measurements. 

On the other piece of card stock have students create a symmetrical emblem (The same on either side) Have students create a self portrait on one side and a super hero or villain on the other. Make sure they include half of the emblem on the super's side. 
To use the rubric that we used in class click here, I started using rubrics when I was student teaching and it made it much easier to grade student work.
Below are some examples of my students work, ranging from Bacon Man to Candy Girl, these turned out awesome!

They are all sorts of awesome huh? Being an art teacher is the best!

* Here are some new super hero/super villains that my 8th graders did this nine weeks. 

They are amazing!

Check out my new nine weeks work, here.

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