Saturday, October 12, 2013

Dia De Los Muertos Printmaking Lesson

Growing up in San Diego, a large population of the city is Hispanic, it being so close to the border. We spent many weekends going to Mexico, shopping, dancing, eating amazing Lobster and other amazing food, volunteering with our Church in  an orphanage in Tijuana and building houses and hanging out with some really awesome people. One thing I miss most about the West Coast is REAL Mexican food. (Josh tries to tell me that its awesome here, but lets be honest it in no way compares to authentic goodness.) 

On November First and Second is a beautiful Mexican Holiday, Dia De Los Muertos, where they celebrate their loved ones who have died. In our classroom we did a printmaking lesson while looking at Mexican Artwork in Celebration of the Day of the Dead. 

We started with Styrofoam plates that I cut into a circle, cutting off the edges. Then I had students use a blunt pencil (If they were using a mechanical pencil I had them brake off the lead and use the pencil itself...) to create a semi-symmetrical skull after watching a short video on the Day of the Dead for inspiration. 

I used a cardboard lid to roll the printing ink on the Styrofoam and a to-go box to pour the ink and roll it on with the brayer. ( Someone donated the printing ink to Resource Warehouse and I got it for two dollars!!)

One of my students rolling the ink on to her Styrofoam piece.

We used a lotion bottle to apply circular pressure onto the print (we are on a budget:)

We used black paper to show the contrast of the white printing ink! Here are some of my other students work that turned out well:

Since we only have one brayer (that I brought from home) in the class, while one student is printing the other class is working on their own symmetrical drawing of a Day of the Dead skull with construction paper and markers. This allows them to add more detail into their drawings because adding it into the Styrofoam is difficult. These were my classroom examples below:

If you would like our class rubric click here!
My Pinterest page has some awesome visuals and videos on Dia De Los Muertos too.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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