Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Four Square and Restaurant Paintings

Do people still go on Foursquare anymore? It became popular when I was still using a pager, OK a flip phone, but still I was late in the game in getting a smart phone. Honestly I don't know how I survived without it. On Facebook today I was looking up the old restaurant/bar I worked at through college, and then some and I noticed the Foursquare link. I loved looking at old pictures, especially pictures of my painting, vain I know but it made me really happy to see them.

( I didn't make this Statue of Liberty, but it is pretty awesome!)

All images above found on Foursquare

These 3 photos were taken by my friend Monica who graciously took these pictures when I realized I never photographed my work before I moved. 

Did you see The Gamecocks this weekend kick some butt? It was an incredible game to watch!


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