Monday, October 21, 2013

Monogram Recycled Candle Holder

So I have started a Pinterest Club this year with my middle schoolers. Each teacher is responsible for a club that meets during school hours every other week on a Friday. What better way to feed my addiction then to host a club that is all things Pinterest.

I try to tweak projects to make them our own, and since a lot of my girls love a good monogram craft, I thought this would be just the ticket! I got this idea from this chalkboard mason jar candle holder, seriously cute! 

Our staff is amazing an every time I send an email out about jars or magazines or cardboard I always get a huge reply. So for our next club meeting we are making monogram (or really anything they want to add onto their jar) candle holders.

Things you will need before you begin:
Glass Jar
Tea Candle
Painters tape
Spray Paint

Step one:
Put tape on a surface like a table that easily peels off and put the tape edge to edge for the desired thickness of your symbol that you are using for your candle holder.

Step two:
Draw your symbol out, I used my initials for a monogrammed southern look.

Step three:
Cut symbol out

Step 4:
Stick symbol to jar

Step 5:
Spray paint outside and let dry
*I am not patient and took mine off before it dried so it got a bit scratched

Step 6:
Peel Stickers off when dry

Step 7:
Put candle in the jar and light it up

Next time I will wait for the spray paint to dry, but I think it turned out pretty well.

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