Friday, October 4, 2013

State Flag Collage Animals *Updated

I saw this project on Pinterest this summer and I wanted to make it for myself, but then I got to thinking about creating a lesson based on this for my middle schoolers.

Check the original project here 

According to North Carolina standards, students in the Eighth grade are learning about the United States, and this project made it easy to tie it into the standards.

I had each of my students choose a state animal, fish or insect from a State of their choosing.


Using vertical magazine strips donated by teachers, and cardboard donated from another art teacher this project was super cheap (free) to do and the students did a really good job with it!

After they were done with gluing the strips of magazine down, students painted their correlating state flag behind their animal.

 Here is one of the finished pieces:

Check out the rubric here, for easy grading!

Hope your weekend is awesome!

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