Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Teacher Outfit Tuesday: Keith Haring Addition

* Please note this picture was taking at six Monday evening, hence why I don't look so fresh and so clean.clean... It was a long day!

Sweater: Gap Outlet
Keith Haring Shirt: Urban Outfitters, on major sale
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Toms
Scarf: Gift

My eighth graders are learning about Keith Haring, and loving that he was a graffiti artist, it only takes a little bit of illegal activity to get middle schoolers interested (I jest). But they were super excited, and so was I that they noticed I was wearing our featured artist on my shirt. 

We are creating a 6 panel Haring inspired artwork, where they have to have their figures touching one side in one box, two sides in another, three sides in another, four sides in yet another, only the bottom and only the top in another and lastly,one of their choice, using complimentary pairs for each box rotating colors between figure and background when the figure is blue in one and the background is orange, the other complimentary pair box needs to have an orange figure with a blue background). It's an easy end of the nine weeks project and by now they get how to use space by filling the whole page with color, and they are starting to look pretty awesome!

(teacher example, I will put up student examples when they are finished)

Student example

If you would like to see and use the rubric we used for assessment, feel free, click here.
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One of my favorite blogs is hosting the Great Christmas Exchange, and I can't wait!
We are going here next weekend with some of our sweet friends, how I do love adventuring.
Hope your Tuesday is as fantastic as my Monday was!

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