Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Detroit's Art Scene, its pretty dang awesome: The Heidelberg Project

With Detroit being in the news so often since declaring bankruptcy, Michigan is on my mind. My family (both my mother and father) are from Michigan, and met at Central Michigan, and a lot of my favorite childhood moments happened there. We never lived there, my parents moved to Florida before I was born so my dad could go to flight school, but a big part of my heart is there as well as a lot of my family.
          It breaks my heart to hear about all the bad things going on... Because there are a lot of really great things happening there.

One of my favorite is the Heidelberg Project, which tragically has literally been under fire, with a large amount of the homes going up in flames due to arson. (Eight total fires, one just two days ago). While the art might be a little out there, but what I really like is the artist Tyree Guyton's vision, bringing art to the people and changing lives with art. In what is a crime ridden neighborhood, Guyton wants to take the streets back to the community, and he has been successful, school trips have visited the Heidelberg Project, got students talking about art, what they like and what they don't like, visitors from all over, who before this project started may have been afraid to go down that street are now walking the roads and looking at Guyton's creations. What is being created here is a community, a community that cares about rebuilding and working together and I think that is a great thing, exactly what Detroit needs. Check out more about this project here.

My cousin snapped this picture of one of the houses when he visited recently. 

What great things are happening in your community?


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