Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Our Year In Review

About a month back I bought some of our years worth of prints from Print Studio, they had small square sizes, which aesthetically I love and got the small size, they had been sitting in a box and I was wondering what to do with them. 
Then I walked into TJ Maxx and found a large white frame, and using matte board that I already had at the house and glue dots to stick my pictures down I created our year in review. 

I eyeballed the spacing in between pictures and it turned out pretty well, I was being lazy and didn't want to measure. Do you ever do that too, where your too excited to see the finish product that you forgo craftsmanship? This usually leads to my first project being a mess and having to restart, but this time I was satisfied. 

Highlights this year:

Getting Married
Going to Miami to see one of my favorites do the same
Seeing some friends I hadn't seen in years
Cooking together
Hiking, a lot
Orlando visits with family
A new teaching job, with new joys and challenges
Growing together

I can't wait to see what this New Year Brings, we are going to snuggle up together with a bottle of wine and watch the ball drop... a bit more low key then years past, but I am stoked about it!

Hope you have a fantastic New Year, with new challenges and adventures!


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