Monday, December 16, 2013

Robert Frost 6th Grade 1 Point Perspective Cabin

It's full blown winter in North Carolina, and I know because I am wearing my ugg boots and scraping the ice of my windshield with my library card in the morning. What better way to celebrate the season then a Robert Frost Inspired Lesson Plan for my sweet sixth graders. First we read Stopping by Woods On a Snowy Evening, by Robert Frost and then we talked about Perspective. With the Eighth graders we do a perspective lesson, and since my sixth graders are so awesome I thought they would like to try their hand at it too. We talked about the Horizon Line and the Vanishing Point and most of the students grasped the concept pretty well. While I know Robert Frost didn't talk about a cabin in the woods, the poem helped jump start some imaginations and they came up with some awesome ideas, like a camp fire, and a pool (because every good cabin in the woods needs a pool, duh.)  I was amazed at how quickly they caught on and made this project their own. This is a GREAT lesson the week before Christmas Break, it keeps their attention without being too demanding and we all know that the last week before break can get a little Cray to the Z. But they have been awesome!

All you need is colored pencil, computer paper and a ruler and you are set to jet! Check out our rubric we used for this project and my Perspective Pinterest Board for some more ideas!


Hope your Monday started your week out wonderfully!


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