Monday, December 2, 2013

Sphinx Foil 6th Grade Project with Rubric

My sixth graders are learning about Egypt in Social Studies, and a big part of teaching art is tying it into other subject matters. So as a class we learned a little bit about the Sphinx. We watched a couple YouTube videos and then created our own Foil Relief Sphinx. I found inspiration from this project, of King Tut on Pinterest.

What you will need:

String, not as quite as thick as yarn
Aluminium Foil
Paper and Pencil to Sketch
Permanent Markers

Step One:
 Sketch ideas, on paper and then on cardboard

Step Two:
Follow your pencil lines with glue, after all pencil lines have glue on them follow the glue with string.

Step 3:
Allow glue to dry, we waited one day, and then cover your cardboard with tin foil. Lightly press down with a tissue around string to create an indent without pressing too hard to go through the tin foil.

Step Four:
Use permanent markers to fill in areas of tin foil. My students had to use both cool and warm colors.

These are some of our finished pieces, magnificent, no?

Here is the rubric we used, if you would like to use it for your classroom, feel free!


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