Thursday, January 30, 2014

6th Grade Tin Foil Greek Vases

The second half of the school year has begun, the SECOND HALF! I can't believe how quickly it has gone and how much I have learned. This school year has helped me grow so much.

I get new students ever nine weeks and while I stick with some projects every nine weeks because they are a hit (Like my Danny Haas Super Alter Ego Project... I had two eighth graders come up to me on Tuesday when we were having a snow early release and say that they were sad because they were looking forward to working on that project... Seriously? That is the reason I teach art. But I digress...) I usually mix things up to keep me (selfish right?) from getting bored. We did a project similar with the Egyptian Sphinx, and my old nine weekers loved it.

Some of these aren't finished yet, but they are doing great!

My sixth grade students are learning about Greece in their Social Studies class, so in the art room we looked at Greek Vases from the Geometric Vase Period (900-700 BCE) and talked about the difference between Geometric and Organic Shapes.

Here are the three different steps, and the printable that students used.

We are working on learning two of the elements of art, Color and Shape. Students had to use both warm and cool colors on their project, and they had to do at least 4 different types of geometric patterns on their vases. Their vases also had to be symmetrical and historically accurate. Students could pick from three different types of vases,Calyx Krater, Kantharos or Amphora. (There are lots more I know, but these were symmetrical and fit the bill)

Students created sketches of their geometric designs for all three vases before picking which one they wanted to do.

Every project I do, I try to create a rubric so students know how, why and what they will be graded on. This also creates accountability, they are responsible for their grade, and it's not if I like their artwork or not but rather if they followed the instructions that were given to them. Some students still stress, but this helps out a lot and eliminates a lot of questions too.

I think these are so vibrant and beautiful!!!

Happy Friday Eve!!!


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