Friday, January 17, 2014

A Minion and One Reasons To Make A Mosaic In Your Classroom

My sixth graders are learning about Pompeii in their Social Studies class, (did you know there is a movie coming out about it in February?) so we started learning about the mosaics that decorated Pompeii's city. My parents lived in Gaeta, for a while so I was lucky enough to have visited Pompeii first hand, since it was about an 1 and a half away.

My sixth graders are always dying to do something Pop culture related but because their standards for Art are for ancient times, it is sometimes difficult to do. However this Minion Project worked great, because it aligned with their standards and also got in their fix for something relate able to them.

I didn't use a rubric for this project because we worked as a group, but next time I might create something to keep them accountable for their craftsmanship, but all of my kids did an awesome job and didn't need to be reminded to keep up the good work.

What you will need:

-A large number of magazines (I sent an email out to fellow teacher asking for any magazines they hand and got a TON, and I mean a TON back)
-Construction Paper (one per student, in my case I had twelve for each class, my sixth grade is the perfect size for instruction
-Glue (bottle or stick)
-Posterboard or something to put your finished pieces together on.
-Something to draw the image that you want to recreate, I used an oil pastel. Since it will be covered up with magazine you can use any material that you want.

What to do:

1. Line up your construction paper, and number them on the back to keep them in order of the shape you want your mosaic to take. Again, I had 12 students so mine were 3x4.

2. Draw your image using your chosen material. ( I used a oil pastel) and label the colors so students know what magazine color goes where.

3. I instructed students to cut out 1/2 inch by 1/2 inch squares (approximate) of magazine pieces. Students varied in their sizes and shape, but I think this made it look even better. The only thing I kept reminding them about is that they needed to make sure that they kept their pieces small.

4. Play music and let your students work their magic.

*Note she cut out bananas and put it on her mosaic pieces!

I found it a good idea to put the minion together every so often so the kids could see their progress and be encouraged.

Some of my students helped me hang up the minions in the sixth grade hall, they were super proud of their artwork and it was a great project to do around Christmas Break when they were all hyped up on Candy Canes and Snow Days.

Here is my Pinterest Board about Pompeii and Mosaics that has some really good images and videos to share with the class!

I was inspired by this picture for this project.

Didn't they turn out awesome? I hope your weekend is equally as awesome!


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