Sunday, January 19, 2014

Andy Warhol Inspired Cartoon Artwork

Our last unit with my nine weeks course was color. We were inspired by Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe piece.
image found here

I got this idea from this project found Artrageous Afternoon

We used a rubric, which I cannot find on my google docs, so I will scan it and put it up later. 

We went to the computer lab and had each student pick out a cartoon image of their choice, and we printed them out, took them to a large window where all the students could sit and trace their cartoon on a large white piece of paper six times. After drawings were sketched they outlined their work with permanent marker.

Next they were to add patterns using, warm, cool, primary, secondary and complimentary color pairs. This was great because it really drilled in use of color and how it helps your composition, We talked about how a lot of sports teams use color pairs on their jerseys (LSU, University of Florida, the Lakers...) and how if you had nose bleed seat that you were still able to see them because the colors stood out. 

And here are some of the finished projects:

Things I would do differently:
-Make sure each box was the same size by measuring out either a 4x4 box or 6x6 with the students so they all had to fill in the same amount in each space.
-Have each of the students sketch ideas designs for the background a separate sheet of paper. Many students used wonderfully creative designs, while some lacked ideas and were just looking for a quick way to finish the project. If they had to check in with me before starting with their final, many of the designs would have been pushed further.
- I chose to do this project before and after Christmas because I thought it would be a project that if students missed a couple of days due to holiday activities, that they would be able to pick up quickly. While this was true, many students fell behind and a lot of students finished way before it was due.

Things I liked about this project:
- Students took ownership of this project and really liked what they were doing
- Really really really helped with learning colors and why we use them
-Provided a lot of one on one time with individual students 

I love love love the blogging community that shares ideas, and this project was one of those great ideas! I hope you have a chance to stop by Artageous Afternoon and look at all of her super creative ideas!

Have a great long weekend!


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