Friday, January 31, 2014

Art Classroom Organization Part Two and A Keith Haring Question

I talked about how I organize my lessons, so that visitors (and me, lets be honest) can keep track of projects my students are doing.

Another thing I find really helpful is my trusty file holder. I haven't been teaching long, nor do I have a ton of different grades that I teach, so having one file holder has helped me keep all of my random pieces of paper under control. Once I have been teaching longer, or when I have more grades, I will probably go with a file cabinet but right now this works for me and may work for you too!

The first picture I took, was to show you what a mess my classroom is right now, look at all those boxes! I emailed teachers asking for boxes and got TONS, its a good problem to have but I need to break them down and put them somewhere (that might be another post, riveting I know).

The second is a close up of my different dividers in plastic file holder.

Dividers 6th grade, 7th grade  and 8th grade

Each divider above holds leftover rubrics and artwork to go along with the project. My first nine weeks my students lost their rubric A LOT. I was wasting an A LOT of paper as well. So I started taking 2 points off their final grade if they wanted another. This gave students a sense of responsibility and ownership and I was printing off a lot less paper. If students do need another rubric or if I start another project I know right where they are!

The next divider is Printables. During my student teaching and when I living on Pinterest, I got a lot of printables that I wanted to keep. I also have artwork labels, bell work sheets, and art facts. 

The divider labeled Lesson Plans aren't my actual lesson plans, but templates and ideas. My lesson plans go in my folders.

North Carolina Standards make sure that we incorporate The Elements of Art and Principles of Design, hence the divider.. This divider is a list of both, different ways to include them into my lessons and different printables to help students learn them.  

I kept losing my teacher examples and had to keep remaking them, my smaller examples go in the Teacher example divider.

Lastly I have the artwork divider. When I find an artist that I like or a series of artwork I print it off and put it in this divider.

How do you divide your artwork paperwork?

Has anyone done a really awesome Keith Haring Inspired Valentines Day Project? I would love to get your thoughts!

Here is something I was doodling on my planning period and am trying to come up with a middle school appropriate lesson!

Hope your Friday is Fantastic!


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