Friday, January 24, 2014

Art Classroom Organization

I am now officially into my second half of my second year of teaching art and I am still constantly learning new things. At the beginning of the year I made this binder to keep all of my teacher stuff organize (class attendance, printables, ideas etc.) It works pretty well. But being a new teacher, I often get observed by administration, so in order for things to go more cohesively when a visitor stops by the classroom, I have devised a two part system to not only help me stay organized, but to help an observer know what my students are doing without me having to stop and explain.

Part One:
My Project/Standards Board

The picture is small, but it says the grade on colored construction paper, a project example that we are doing for that grade below it, and below that a short description including the standards that we are working with. 

This helps the visitor get immediately acquainted what students are up to without having to interrupt the classroom flow.

Part Two:
Grade Level Binders

While my big teacher binder is good for little details, grade level binders have helped me immensely. Each grade has it's own binder and when you open it up, the first page that you see is a quick lesson plan of the specific project that were are working on.


The next page is a project rubric that each student gets before we begin the artwork so they know how they will be graded.

The last two pages either include an artwork that we are learning from during the project or a classroom example.

When a visitor walks in to do an observation, I usually hand them the notebook while I am still talking to the class and have it open to the pages I want them to look at. This not only helps them, but it helps me keep track of rubrics (so I can print off more), projects that I had forgotten about, and classroom examples. Its all in one place.

One of my favorite art blogs, Deep Space Sparkle, did an awesome post on this subject a while back, if you are lacking in the art organization area, this will give you some ideas!

While I am organized in this area, my desk is still a mess, I feel like it is growing on its own.

I hope your Friday is awesome!


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